As a Life Changer Worker, you are an important part of the conference and help create a welcoming and outstanding conference experience, because together we want to change lives.

In addition, it is a unique opportunity to take part in all conference activities up close. The volunteer Life Changer Workers can make themselves available for various tasks at the conference.

It would be ideal if you are between 20 and 50 years old. It would be good if you are in good physical condition as there is a long distance to walk in the arena and the days are long. It is important to us that you believe in Jesus, are open to the work of the Holy Spirit and care about the salvation of souls.

Is that you? Then quickly secure your ticket now in case you haven’t done this already, then come back here to register as a Life Changer Worker. We are looking forward.

You as a volunteer are expected to be present throughout the conference from 2-4 June 2023 are available. You bear the costs for your travel to and from the conference as well as accommodation and meals during the conference yourself.

You are friendly, resilient and committed.

You help your team with the best commitment and spread a great atmosphere.

You pray for Push Weekend 2023.

  1. You purchase a Life Changer Ticket.
  2. You accept the vision of Push Weekend as your own.
  3. You fill out the registration form below and send it off.
  4. You will be accepted by us.

After you have filled out and submitted the application below, it will be checked. We will reply within 4 weeks at most.
We review each application and make a decision based on a number of criteria including the date the application was submitted, previous conference/event experience and the available registrations.

You will then receive an email from us with an invitation to a first Zoom information meeting.

We look forward to you.