Miracles ...

In 2006, I had a car accident in Ghana. A drunk driver had caused a head-on collision. Unconscious and with severe injuries I was admitted to a small hospital.

In a larger hospital, a CT scan revealed that I had actually broken my second neck vertebra. According to the doctors, one actually does not survive such a fracture or is severely paralyzed as a result. However, I just had extremely severe head and neck pain.
Back in Switzerland, the fracture had not yet grown back together. After much consideration, the doctors at Inselspital decided that instead of a highly dangerous operation, I should wear a neck brace for two months. When I came back for a check-up afterwards, the doctors told me that the vertebra had unfortunately not grown together again.
I was strongly advised to have surgery, but I could die or be paralyzed afterwards.
At that time, I did not have my own relationship with God and was afraid of what would happen to me if I did not survive the operation. Would I go to heaven or hell? I made a pact with God: if I had health problems after the operation, he should rather let me die. But if I came out of the operation healthy, I would serve Him with my life.
In fact, the operation went well. Neither had I died nor was I paralyzed, and so I could be discharged home. Until then, I had not found a church that suited me, but shortly thereafter I came across New International Church. Right at my first visit, Pastor John called `the girl with the neck brace` to the front. He prayed for me and then said, “God loves you and heals your emotions.” Indeed, they were words that I needed to hear, for I was completely devastated inside by all that had happened and was struggling with strong doubts, not seeing the purpose for my life.

At a follow-up in the hospital, I was told that a second operation would be necessary in January 2007 to remove the screws. This news left me shaken and struggling with God. Why hadn’t he healed me right away? I didn’t want to go through the physical and emotional stress of such a dangerous surgery again. Because I didn’t want to burden my parents with the information, I kept it to myself.
At the next service, Pastor John again called the girl with the cervical collar forward and relayed a second word from God to me, “God is healing you and there will not be a second surgery. You can take off the neck collar. Move your neck because I trust that God has healed you. Your healing is here.” I took off the neck brace in confidence, and was actually able to turn my neck.

However, the surgery in January 2007 was still pending. Strangely enough, an unusually large number of examinations were made during the pre-surgery checkup. It turned out that the screws were suddenly so tight that no one dared to remove them. This fulfilled Pastor John’s prophetic word that there would be no second operation.


Sandra Sagoe

I was in the town of Capella, holding a mass campaign. A mother came to the event with her very sick boy.

In fact, many people come to these meetings because they obviously need a miracle. However, our services are not only 45 minutes long, they are very long and can last up to 6 hours.

During the meeting, the child died. She brought it to the medical tent that we provide on site. The doctors examined the boy, but there was nothing more they could do. “He’s dead,” they said. “But why don’t you take him to the evangelist? Let him pray.” So she stood for hours at the bottom of the podium steps, waiting for me.

When I got off the platform he was stone dead. His body was already starting to smell bad. At that point I didn’t know what was wrong with her. But when I saw this woman holding that limp body, I knew something terrible must have happened.
So I went to pray for the boy. She dropped him and I just caught him in my arms. I prayed for about 30 seconds, handed the baby back to the mother, got in the car and started walking. As we drove away, I could see this burst of joy behind me. However, I didn’t know what had happened until the next evening.

When we got back to the site the next evening, my campaign director came right up to me and said, “Daniel, I have a surprise for you.” He took me backstage, and there was this little boy, running around and playing, totally healed, totally healthy, no longer sick. Risen from the dead.

Almost exactly the same thing happened when I was in Nigeria. A mother brought a little girl to me. I was more careful this time. When the mother placed the little baby in my arms, I made sure that there was no heartbeat. There was no breath. The small eyes rolled back in her so pretty face. I prayed and gave the baby back to the mother. A few minutes later she came back to life. That’s what we’re experiencing here.

Jesus is alive. He still heals the sick, raises the dead, and performs all kinds of miracles.
Daniel Kolenda

In 1988, Jesse Duplantis had a supernatural experience where he was taken on a guided tour of heaven starting one afternoon.
From my trip to heaven 1988, I understood heaven in a truly physical sense. It’s a real place.
The Lord has wonderful things in store both on earth and in heaven for us—He blesses abundantly those who know, love and obey Him. Jesus said, “Tell them I’m coming.” He took me all the way to heaven to say that to me! I saw the great compassion Jesus has for those who haven’t received Him as Savior. I came back more compelled than ever to tell people about Him!
“I believe that if people could see the treasures that God has stored up for them in heaven, they wouldn’t have such a hard time understanding God’s will to prosper and heal them while they are on earth . . . . Anything that you can think of, anything you could want on earth has already been given to you there.”     

Jesse Duplantis