John E. Sagoe (Switzerland)

Apostle John Sagoe is the founder and overseer of New International Church headquartered in Biel, Switzerland, with branches in Central Europe, West Africa and the United States.

His fatherly heart and great vision have spurred successful mission projects around the world, the most well-known of which is Safe Haven, providing shelter, education, practical help as well as spiritual care and training to the needy.

His prophetic apostolic ministry at the national and international level has been a tremendous blessing in the lives of many, from ordinary people up to most influencial heads of state.

Many times the Lord has revealed upcoming events or issues in the world to John Sagoe which has helped to prepare God’s people for what was lying ahead.

His prophetic school is designed to prepare the Church, particularly in Switzerland and Europe, for revival and the coming return of Jesus Christ.

Rodrigues Pereira is a local pastor of the Kingdom Culture church in Lisbon, Portugal.

Driven by this passion for Christ, he founded The Change, a large evangelistic stadium event held in Lisbon in summer 2023.

He is also the director of several national branches of different international Christian organisations, such as the European School of Supernatural Ministry, the Portugal House of Prayer or Bethel Leaders Network.

Rodrigues Pereira has a a degree in Applied Theology as well as in Sports Management, which he has also been teaching at Lisbon University, referring to his past as an active football player.

Through his joyful, communicative and dynamic leadership he has influenced a new generation of leaders to believe in their potential.

Pastor T. Mwangi is the founder and president of the Truth Mentorship Society, and the senior pastor of Life Church in Limuru, Kenya.

He is a gifted communicator, known for his practical and thought-provoking way of teaching, with a heart for empowering people to reach their full potential.

Pastor T, as he is commonly known, holds a university degree in corporate management. His expertise in business and leadership, combined with his spiritual insight allows him to approach personal and professional growth in a holistic way.

He has a special passion for helping professionals achieve success and fulfilment in both their personal and professional lives.

Stage languages:
German – English

Simultaneous translation via LiveVoice app:
For Portuguese and French translation, please bring your own smartphone with internet access and headphones with charging cable and/or power bank (limited access to sockets).

New International Church
Jakobstrasse 56 / CH-2504 Biel-Bienne

Public transport:
Bus 7 ‘Goldgrube’, Bus 4 ‘Löhre’; In both cases, get off at Mett train station and then walk

Turn left at the Salvation Army thrift store (NIC is behind)

Be there live in the house and enjoy the presence of God and spirit-filled worship.

For those who cannot be there in person, most of the conference will be broadcast online.

Here: Youtube: Nic Switzerland


There is a separate children’s program for children aged 4-12 during all sessions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Telephone: +41 32 322 42 62

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New International Church Switzerland

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